Renowned Seafood Professional. He has around 30 years of experience in the Seafood sector. He is majorly acclaimed to Business planning, development, operations, and International marketing. With International marketing exposure, he deserves to make Value-added products. We believe the Seafood Industry sustains as long as we have oceans on the earth and job opportunities remain forever. Seafoodsjob was created as an optimised platform for all collar labours including Fishermen, Famers and allied industries.

Krishna Menan

After graduation, he has worked in a Tech start-up for a few years. After, market survey and industrial visits, his passion for entrepreneurship inspired him to develop a unified job portal for the Seafood sector. His Integrity brings all four departments of the Seafood sector into a unified database to make the process seamlessly ironed and cater to the needs of recruiters, farmers, contractors and Suppliers.